Yogi-Lollies Recipe

These are great for helping children keep cool this summer. Add a touch of chocolate or biscuits to give them a fun element.


Prep Time

15 minutes excl 2 hours freezing time

Cooking Time


Depends on the size of the moulds you have

Recipe Ingredients

  • 500 ml SPAR Drinking yoghurt -flavour of preference
  • 1 box vanilla instant pudding (90 g)

Recipe Method

1. Beat the yoghurt and instant pudding powder together until thickening.
2. Pour the mixture into ice-lolly moulds, adding in additional ingredients if you choose to.
3. Freeze them for 2 hours, in an upright position in their tray.

Try these flavours

  • SPAR Banana and Custard Drinking Yoghurt, with chocolate chips
  • SPAR Strawberry Drinking Yoghurt, with coloured cake-sprinkles, SPAR strawberry jam or chocolate chips
  • SPAR Granadilla Drinking Yoghurt, with toasted coconut
  • SPAR Peach Drinking Yoghurt, with crumbled SPAR ginger biscuits

Hints & Tips

Fill until a few millimetres from the top of the mould. Yoghurt will expand slightly on freezing and fill that space to create a level top for the stick and lid to seal over neatly.
Do not add gum-type sweets, dried fruit or caramel-coated popcorn; their frozen texture makes for difficult eating!