Ladies, put your health first!

Women have traditionally been the ones to make sure that everyone is always taken care of before themselves. But when is it time to put your own health first?

Luckily, taking care of yourself, though it may be a full time job, does not necessarily mean it has to be a difficult one. Simple changes to your daily regime can make the world of difference to the health of your body and mind in the long run.

Some things to take into account include family genes and age. If there is a history of heart issues or certain types of disease in your family, it’s even more important to keep your health on the right path.

For example, if diabetes is a common illness in your family, it would be a good idea to start cutting out excessive sugar from your diet at an early age. This can easily be done by removing sugar- rich fizzy drinks from your diet altogether, or to make the simple change from three teaspoons of sugar in your tea and coffee to just one. With a history of heart disease in your family, it may be a good idea to change from eating fatty meats to lean meats and trim fat from raw meat before cooking.

Nutritious, healthy food is vital in order to feel good and keep your body in shape.
Most women are able to get most of their nutrients and vitamins from the food they eat, but it can sometimes be difficult to do this daily. To simplify things, many women chose to take vitamins as a dietary supplement. There are many different types of vitamins and all of them play different roles in maintaining and improving your health.
As for exercise, you don’t have to be in the gym five days a week to maintain a healthy body. Exercising can be a simple task of parking your car a little further from work and walking that few extra metres, or taking the stairs up to your second floor apartment when you return at the end of the day. If you are able to join a gym, then by all means make the time to go at least once a week. The benefits of lifting a few weights to sculpt your body are tremendous, and that’s not even mentioning the wonderful hormones (endorphins) that make you feel like a million rand at the end of a good workout.

By the way, did you also know that exercising reduces stress levels? It’s a win-win situation all around! 
Simple changes can go a very long way. Not only will you find that your own health will be in better shape, but it will improve the health of your family as well. 

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