Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

A delicious vegetarian starter where the flavours of brown mushroom, chilli, garlic and cheese fuse into a treat for your palate.


Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time

5 minutes


Serves: 4

Recipe Ingredients

  • 8 flat brown mushrooms, cleaned
  • 4 slices oat & honey low GI bread
  • 1 jar SPAR chilli and garlic salsa
  • 1 large Granny Smith apple, peeled and grated
  • 100 g SPAR mild chilli cheese, grated

Recipe Method

  1.  Lightly drizzle a little olive oil over each cleaned mushroom, and place them in rows in a baking dish.
  2. Pre-heat the oven on GRILL setting.
  3. Crumble the bread into a bowl, and combine with the salsa and apple. Generously pile the mixture onto each mushroom cap.
  4. Top with grated cheese and place the baking dish in the pre-heated oven until the cheese is melted and the mushrooms tender. Serve immediately.

Hints & Tips

To turn this into a more substantial light meal add 125 g SPAR back bacon, finely chopped and fried before adding to the filling mixture.
Remember to peel off the thick wax layer from the cheese before grating!
Recommended wine: Gewurtztrauminer, sparkling white wine