Kettle-Braai Roast Chicken Recipe

This meal virtually makes itself leaving you with plenty of time to entertain your guests as the smell of roasting chicken fills the air.


Prep Time

15 minutes (excluding braai coal stage)

Cooking Time

1 hour


Serves: 5

Recipe Ingredients

1 large fresh chicken
1 tray of SPAR Freshline traditional roasting vegetables
olive oil for drizzling


50 g Nik-nak cheese snacks
125 g SPAR diced bacon
1 small onion
1 medium ripe banana, peeled and diced
juice and grated rind of a lemon
1 large SPAR egg
optional extras:
3 small lemons, halved

Recipe Method

  1. Prepare a SPAR Good Living kettle-braai with 2 SPAR firelighters and a 1/3 bag of SPAR briquettes piled generously around two edges, and open- burned until flames die down and the briquettes have turned grey. This provides for an indirect-method of roasting. Remove giblets
  2. Combine the stuffing ingredients and spoon firmly into the chicken cavity. Close up the cavity using toothpicks. Coat the chicken liberally with lemon-pepper.
  3. Place the chicken onto the kettle-braai grid along with an open tray of SPAR Freshline Traditional Roasting Vegetables, drizzled with olive oil. Position the lid in place.
  4. Roast for 1 hour. Place the lemon halves around the chicken, replace the lid, and roast a further 20 minutes.

Hints & Tips

There should be enough heat to cook dessert after removing the chicken and vegetables! Place a few bananas still in their skins onto the grid, and replace the lid. Time for 15 minutes. Enjoy splitting the skins and scooping out the soft banana and enjoying with SPAR Caramel & Vanilla ice cream.

Recommended wine: Olive Brook Chardonnay