Chocolate Mousse Recipe

You can't go wrong with chocolate mousse. This creamy, rich dessert is a family favourite that can be whipped up in no time and left to chill until required.


Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time

Chill time: up to 1 hour


Recipe Ingredients

  • 250 ml     SPAR fresh cream
  • 250 ml     castor sugar
  • 125 ml     cocoa powder
  •     1 ml     vanilla essence
  •   15 ml     SPAR milk

Recipe Method

  1. Whip cream until beginning to thicken.
  2. Sieve over the castor sugar and cocoa and continue whipping until well incorporated and thick.
  3. Add in essence and milk.
  4. Spoon into suitable glasses and chill for about 1 hour before eating to allow the sugar to dissolve completely for a velvety smooth texture.
  5. Decorate as desired.  Whipped piped cream, cherries with their stalk or SPAR Chocolate&Hazelnut or Vanilla Wafer Sticks look good for entertaining.

Hints & Tips

  • Add 2 ml peppermint essence for Choc-Mint mousse
  • This recipe doubles up perfectly if preparing for a group.