Mind Full or Mindful: How to practice mindfulness daily

From the incessant buzzing blue light on our cellphone to the many tabs we have open in our brain regarding all the tasks we need to complete - the notion of being in the moment is nearly impossible!

Does this sound like something you are guilty of? If so, this may appeal to you.
Being more mindful of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours we can explore ways of being kinder and more forgiving. In addition, the daily practice of mindfulness has been linked to lower stress and anxiety levels.

Can it improve my wellbeing?

Mindfulness can help you to:
  • Develop and utilise better coping mechanisms
  • Enhance your quality of sleep
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Build resilience
  • Regulate and express your emotions

Ways to practice mindfulness

  • Take a few moments and be aware of your breath - listen and feel the rise of your stomach and the movement of the air.
  • Pay attention to a specific activity - for example, when you are eating, note how the food tastes, what the texture of it feels like and focus on the colour and the overall sensory experience of it.
  • Mundane activities - in the activities that you feel you normally tune out, for example, driving and brushing your teeth. Actively practice mindfulness while engaging in these activities.
  • Do it in nature - this is a pleasant activity, go outdoors and engage in the experience of noticing the sounds, smells, taste and feel of each moment.
  • Essential oils - switch of the lights, have different scents of essential oils and inhale each one while focusing on how each scent smells and what you feel in that moment.
  • Art - when you draw/sketch or colour in, ensure you do not allow your mind to drift off. Keep bringing yourself back to the activity and being present in the moment.
Kiara Sunder :Clinical Psychologist
HPCSA No: PS 0143480


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