AmaZulu and SPAR continue their proud collaboration

01 October 2012

As one of South Africa’s oldest football clubs, AmaZulu has a rich history and is deeply rooted in the community of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal where the team was founded in 1932. AmaZulu has also enjoyed a long relationship SPAR, who has sponsored the team for many years and has recently extended their sponsorship by an additional three years.

Formed by Zulu migrant workers and originally known as Zulu Royals, the club proved their worth by performing well in their games and were introduced to the Zulu King where they gained the name “Zulu Royals” and were given permission to use the Zulu shield as their logo. Years later, and having won many games the club aligned with SPAR – Initiating what was to become a lengthily and prosperous association. SPAR as a KwaZulu-Natal based company wanted to unite with and support a local team and AmaZulu with their proud local heritage and fierce team spirit was a fitting choice. It’s since been SPAR’s vision to help and develop AmaZulu into one of the best teams in South Africa. Although SPAR plays a role as title sponsor, they leave the day-to-day management of the club to those who know best – however they do provide marketing for the club and assist wherever necessary.

The shared relationship has worked well for SPAR over the years, who view the sponsorship of AmaZulu as a way of giving back by supporting the community, in the same way as loyal customers support SPAR stores on a daily basis. As one of the few football clubs in South Africa to have sustained a long-term sponsorship with a major sponsor, over the years ZmaZulu have endured through internal club difficulties and have since grown in strength. 

The success of the club has earned them a further three years sponsorship by SPAR, who has a fondness for the club and play a practical role in the club’s development. SPAR’s staff also proves their support by keeping abreast of upcoming AmaZulu games and avidly supports the team whenever they can.