Calamari Salad Recipe

Simple to prepare, smacks of the sea, and a lovely light lunch! What more could you ask?


Prep Time

45 minutes

Cooking Time

5 minutes



Recipe Ingredients

  • 400 g  frozen calamari rings
  • 180 ml SPAR milk             
  • 30 g   SPAR Choice Butter
  • 30 ml SPAR Olive Oil
  • Salt, white and freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 x 30 g packs SPAR Freshline rocket (or 1 pack, mixed with a 80 g pillow-pack of   SPAR Freshline Sweet Baby Greens Mix)
  • Optional:  Seasoned bacon flavoured sprinkles,  SPAR Salad & Chip Sauce

Recipe Method

  1. In a shallow dish, soak the frozen calamari rings in the milk for close to1 hour. Drain off, (if you have a cat, it will love you for this drained milk!)
  2. Transfer the rings into a colander, and pour over a kettle full of boiling water, and shake to drain off well. Loosely pat the rings with paper towel to soak up excess moisture.  In a pan, heat half the olive oil and butter. Toss in half the calamari and stir-fry over the highest heat until it turns white +- 1 minute. Keep this batch warm, and repeat the process with the remaining butter, oil and calamari.
  3. Season very generously with salt and both peppers.
  4. Dish out warm, onto a bed of rocket/baby green mix, and dress lightly with a squeeze each of fresh lemon juice, a scattering of Bacon flavoured Seasoned Sprinkles, and a generous drizzle of Salad &Chip Sauce. 

Hints & Tips

Add in a scattering of SPAR Freshline mini plum tomatoes OR slivers of unpeeled nectarines, for summer seasonal appeal.