Isonka, SPAR and Operation Hunger unite

01 October 2012

In conjunction with Operation Hunger, SPAR have opened a number of feeding schemes for each of our distribution centres.

Appropriately named Isonka (meaning bread in Xhosa) the projects aim to fight hunger and fulfil a basic human need. All Isonka projects are located strategically in close proximity to SPAR stores and are run by the local communities. Starting with basic soup kitchens to provide immediate hunger relief for communities, projects extend to become income generating. Brick making and vegetable garden projects are among income generating projects; providing vegetables to the soup kitchen but also income to those operating them. Skills training relevant to the community and a clean water supply are also provided by the Isonka project. 
The Isonka project was initiated with the intention of uplifting communities by providing them with the recourses and knowledge to feed themselves – assisted by relevant shareholders, Operation Hunger and local SPAR stores.