Restoring hope with the Gozololo project

01 October 2011

The Aids pandemic continues to claim lives throughout South Africa, leaving many children orphaned and in extremely difficult situations due to the death of their parents. With a keen interest in socio-economic development, SPAR plays an active and valuable role in supporting underprivileged children through various initiatives.
In response to a need to provide care for a large number of traumatised and orphaned children the Gozololo project was established in 1997 in Kwa Mashu, Kwazulu Natal, by Mrs. Mirriam Cele. Gozololo, meaning, “take a break” assists families in local communities who are willing to help by caring for the orphaned children, but simply can’t meet the financial demands of an extra child. The project provides support in the form of groceries, crèche facilities, education and trauma therapy. Regular home visits are conducted to ensure that the children are healthy and happy and to discuss any concerns or needs of the foster family. In this way, children are not removed from their communities; but benefit from a wide social network and have the opportunity to be loved by a family.
SPAR is proud to support this worthy project in the form of dry and perishable groceries, which are parcelled and distributed by Gozololo. Gozololo currently supports the needs of around 20,000 children.