The Top Five Family Fit List

03 October 2019

It’s summer, the sun is out and you’re wondering what to do to get fit. We’ve put together a few ideas that will get you and your family working up a sweat. Come on: it’s good for you!


Lawn Fun

Surprise your children by using your garden in a new way. Set up an obstacle course or join them in a game of backyard twister or hopscotch on the lawn.
For backyard Twister, make a circular template on the grass, grab a few cans of different coloured spray paint, spray the appropriate layout, and you’re good to twist. All you need for the obstacle course is rope and to make it exciting for the kids, yellow and black caution tape. If you need more obstacles, consider old tyres, chairs or cardboard boxes. 
Tie the rope and caution tape around trees, over the chairs, and lay it along a route until you’ve got a working course then get into your old garb and get your knees dirty. A hopscotch circuit can be made by using paint or white lime from your local DIY store to stain the grass.
The possibilities are endless, you just need to put in the effort and watch the whole family reap the benefits of
an exercised filled afternoon!

Fitness for Charity

What better way to get you and your family fit than by doing it for charity.
Generally, organisers of charity events will try to cater for the highest number of entrants. This means you can take your family along for the ride, run, walk, swim or any other activity and they’ll be catered for.
If you want to go the extra mile, why not organise your own charity event for a cause close to your heart? You never know, your event could grow into the next “Blisters for Bread”.

Beach Day

If you live on the coast, there are few things that children enjoy more than a fun-filled day on the beach. Help
the kids collect different-sized rocks and build a stupendous sandcastle with them - there’s no wrong way to make one! 
A nature hunt is another brilliant way to get you and the little ones moving around and searching for seashells, round stones, seaweed, hermit crabs and other interesting sea life. You could make a race out of it and challenge your kids to find each item on their hunting list before you do.
If you’re not a fan of sandcastles or treasure hunts, there’s always a long meandering walk with your loved ones, taking in the crisp sea air and marvelling at our country’s immaculate coastlines.


Ask any avid gamer and they’ll tell you: videogaming is not a lazy affair. A gaming console like Wii - with motion controllers - has tons of games that are geared to keep you and your family shaking, jumping, swinging, working up a good sweat and crying with laughter - all in the comfort of your living room. Try out games like ‘Raving Rabbids’ or ‘Wii Sports’. They’re fun party games that are certain to give players an excellent workout. The average peanut butter and jam sandwich has 300 calories. Wii Sports burns, on average, 144 calories in 30 minutes.

Nature Loving

Our country is filled with awe inspiring mountains, vast vistas, sweeping plains, lush green forests, whitewater rapids, lakes and ample camping sites in and around these natural attractions. Get your kids to collect stuff from outside and create their own craft project, go on a hike at night with torches, go paddling, mountain biking, take a walk in a forest, plant a garden, explore down under and find out where the bugs live, climb a tree or build a tree fort!
Take advantage of summer to do fun activities, it’s a great way to get you and your family active. But more importantly, you’ll be spending quality time with the people you love the most, keeping fit and enjoying nature at the same time.