Combat colds and flu this winter

It’s that time of year again where, as soon as a colleague sneezes or coughs in your company, you go running in the opposite direction to take cover.

Though nothing is quite as effective as getting a flu shot, guarding yourself with knowledge could very possibly save you a box of tissues, and a trip to the pharmacy or doctor’s office this winter.

You pick up and spread colds by touching infected surfaces and then touching your nose, eyes and mouth. Also, being around infected people and inhaling their air when they sneeze or cough may lead to a cold.

It’s not very polite to completely avoid people who are ill, but you also need to consider your own health. Try to keep your distance from those who are suffering from colds and flu, and make sure to wash your hands after touching anything that may be infected by the virus, especially in shared areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

A daily dose of Vitamin C has been proven to reduce a cold or flu by up to two days. However, one dose of the vitamin at the start of your infection will not stop it from spreading.

Winter preparations should involve taking precautions to not get ill. Though it is often quite easy to pick up a cold, steps can be taken to keep viruses at bay. Multivitamins should be taken all year long as they supplement your daily diet. When it comes to colds and flu, there is no quick fix but you can build your immune system up. Taking a daily dose of Vitamin C can increase your chances of not contracting the virus. Your other vitamins are important too!

Whereas most adults contract a cold or flu twice a year, children tend to get colds up to 10x a year.

Children tend to get sick more often than adults as their immune systems are still developing and their bodies are not yet strong enough to fight off the many strains of colds and flu. Children also tend to not be aware of putting objects in their mouths that may contain viruses, like toys or plastic-ware. 

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