Fussy Eaters: Hints and Tips

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Some time-saving ideas for quick and healthy meals for young children.

  • Smoothies are a great breakfast alternative if your child doesn’t enjoy other foods: blend at least 2 favourite fruits, yoghurt and a little milk to thin it for easy drinking. Add a squirt of honey if it is too tart.  See more recipes here.  
  •  For a more interactive snack, peel citrus fruits such as naartjies leaving it whole and place in a SPAR resealable plastic sandwich bag, for your child to segment themselves.
  •  Whatever popcorn is left over in the bag, place in an airtight container to use for the next ‘popcorn day’.
  •  Make your own fuss-free dip for crudités: mix 1 tablespoon of SPAR mayonnaise or SPAR cream cheese with 1 tablespoon of SPAR plain yoghurt and a pinch of dried mixed or Italian herbs.
  •  For those days that you have time constraints, stock up on SPAR Freshline prepared fruit salads and trio packs which contain already peeled, stoned and cut fruit. Place a few pieces in SPAR resalable plastic sandwich bag for school lunch OR look for the Freshline prepared fruit salad in a pack of 6 small tubs, ready to be popped into the lunch bag.
  •  Sweet treats should be limited but not necessarily omitted completely – include a sweet treat with one weekend snack.
  • Children have different fluid requirements. It is important to encourage your toddler to drink water throughout the day by sending a big bottle of water to school. Make your own ‘flavoured water’ by adding slices of lemon, orange, cucumber, strawberries and even mint to the water. Rooibos tea with no added sugar is also a tasty option for liquid intake on the weekends.

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