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The ability to make the extraordinary look mundane is a sign of greatness. Women, all over the world possess this quality and due to the harsh realities of life, most women tend to not see these as challenges - all because they somehow make them look and seem like NOTHING when the opposite is true. So, to all Women, SIYANIBONA, we see you. This is why more than half our staff complement is made up of women, and this is why we support the initiatives we do.



Wendy Cebekhulu, a mother of three as well as taking care of her two nieces, she has a drive and dedication that is palpable. See how she was able to rebuild her life after joining the SPAR family.

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With the help of SPAR Petals, Highschool teacher, Thalia January has been fighting against period poverty, ensuring the dignity and education of her students.

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At age 60, Thora Mansfield started what 26 years later is known as the Open Door Crisis centre and have assisted close to 500 000 people. To the many other Thora’s out there, SIYANIBONA – we see you.

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While most people call it ‘waiting to die for 18 years’, Ray Cassiem says she found her purpose with cancer – making our communities better.

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Bongi Msomi is leading the SPAR Proteas in their first world cup on African soil, currently underway in Cape Town. She talks about how becoming a SPAR Protea changed her life. We see you, Bongi!
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