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Magic in Your Make-up Bag

Magic in Your Make-up Bag
These tips will turn your make-up bag into a bag of tricks.
  • Glass splinters can be easily picked up using a pad of cotton wool.
  • Keep the metal neck of outdoor light bulbs from corroding by coating with a thin film of white petroleum jelly.
  • Prevent shoelaces from fraying, snip off any frayed bits and then dip the end of the lace in clear nail varnish and leave it to dry. Good as new in no time.
  • Stop a pantyhose ladder in its tracks with a blob of clear nail polish, alternatively rub the area with an emery board.
  • Keep hair ribbons from fraying by painting a narrow strip of clear nail polish across the ends.
  • Clean patent leather bags and shoes using white petroleum jelly. Rub the jelly into the leather and then polish it using a lint-free dust cloth.
  • Use a second cloth to buff the leather, leaving it shiny and soft.
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