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Gifts made with love

Gifts made with love
Here are a few great gift ideas that you can make with love and not break the budget.

Spice rub, infused vinegar or oil 

  • In a jar, layer SPAR Coarse Salt, SPAR Steak and Chop Spice, SPAR Brown Sugar, Paprika, Mustard Seeds and Chilli Flakes in any order. Decorate with ribbon, cinnamon stick and a note.
  • Fill interesting bottles with SPAR Vinegar or SPAR Olive Oil of your choice. Add any of the following to create your own infused Vinegar gift:  SPAR Freshline Chillies, SPAR Freshline Garlic Cloves, Pepper Corns, Rosemary Sprigs, Cinnamon Quills, Orange or Lemon Rind.

Caramel Popcorn, infused sugar or salt

  • Fill a pretty jar with SPAR Caramel Popcorn. Decorate with ribbon and trinkets.
  • Fill little jars with sugar and infuse by adding a few sprigs of lavender, lemon or orange rind. For the salt, infuse with rosemary sprigs and peppercorns.

Magnet Boards

  • Spray paint old or inexpensive baking trays to recycle them and make a great gift for your foodie friend to use for shopping lists etc.

Snowman Hot Chocolate Soup Jar

  • Place some SPAR Hot Chocolate in a packet and place in a jar. Top with choc chips and white SPAR Squillos marshmallows that have snowman faces drawn on them with non-toxic pens.
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