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Sustainability is the business of the future

With hundreds of stores and millions of transactions happening every day, there is no doubt that, as a company, we have a great effect on the environment around us.

Every day, we are inspired to make better choices and find solutions that improve the way we operate. We are doing our part because caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility.


As a company, we strive to create an environment where all areas of our business operate in a sustainable manner. However we understand that we cannot hope to make a significant impact without collaborating with our key partners. These include our suppliers, retailers, staff and customers. Together we find solutions and new ways of improving the way we operate – ensuring sustainability principles are carried out wherever possible.

We also feel it’s our duty to increase the general awareness and education of those around us by facilitating programmes that help schools and less fortunate communities to live and work in a more sustainable fashion – with the aim of creating a brighter future.


In an economic sense, SPAR strives to operate a sustainable business by continuing to prosper in an increasingly pressured and volatile environment – and in doing so actively growing our capital. Reducing our own direct environmental footprint not only benefits the environment but also makes good business sense.

It’s through innovation and renovation that SPAR’s environmental footprint grows at a slower rate than our business. This is due to our key areas of focus creating more environmentally savvy and sustainable business namely; reducing fuel usage and carbon emission through national usage of biodiesel, energy saving opportunities and the recycling of water and waste.

We also have a significant opportunity to drive change and improve impact through our house brands. SPAR is recognised for having actively driven down the environmental lifecycle impact of our house brands.


At SPAR we are committed to the following:

  • Reducing our direct environmental footprint
  • Driving innovation in our housebrands to reduce their environmental impact
  • Collaborating with our suppliers and our retailers to assist them in driving down their environmental footprints
  • Raising awareness and improving education around environmental sustainability issues within our own organisation, our retailers and our consumers.