Let your smile shine with SPAR Oral-Pro. Our quality range of toothbrushes, mouthwash and dental floss will help keep your mouth clean, healthy and refreshed.


oral-pro-01.jpgSPAR Oral-Pro offers a wide range of toothbrushes to suit every need. From your child’s first toothbrush to cutting-edge innovation for adults, there is an Oral-Pro toothbrush designed just for you.

kids & juniors


Our colourful kids’ range will make brushing teeth more fun with cool character handles and suction stands to keep toothbrushes upright and hygienic.

A small soft head with extra soft bristles helps to protect children’s gums: • Junior 7-12 years • Kiddies 3-6 years


everyday clean


Our Everyday Clean range comes equipped with twin-textured active tip bristles to ensure effective cleaning.


ultra care


The Ultra Care range offers optimal cleaning whilst gently massaging the gums.




The Ultimate range has bristles of different lengths positioned at varying angles to provide superior plaque and stain removal.


power clean


The Power Clean range offers dual textured toothbrushes with wave-trim bristles that follow the natural contours of your teeth. A tongue cleaner on the reverse of the brush head to help remove bacteria that can cause bad breath.




The Intra-dental range includes deep cleaning filaments for those hard-to-reach spaces between teeth as well as shorter filaments that remove plaque.



  • Clean and freshen your teeth and mouth twice a day, every day!
  • he root cause of bad breath and gum disease is plaque and bacteria – these must be removed from the teeth by brushing and flossing, then rinsed away with mouthwash.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue to help get rid of food debris and bacteria.
  • Go for regular dentist check-ups. At least twice a year.


oral-pro-02.jpg Flossing every day is essential to help remove plaque build-up and food particles stuck in-between teeth. Our dental floss is wax coated to be gentle on gums and for easy gliding between the teeth.


oral-pro-03.jpg Adding regular rinses with mouthwash to your dental hygiene regime offers additional benefits in terms of fresher breath, reduced risk of gum disease and cavities as well as relief from oral sores and ulcers.


Standard Range
A refreshing range of mouthwashes in three minty flavours that freshen breath, protect gums and kill germs. Available in 500 ml and 250 ml.


ultra-care-mouthwash.png Ultra Care
Our Ultra Care mouthwash is Alcohol Free so offers a gentler rinse whilst still freshening breath, protecting gums and killing germs. Available in 500 ml and 250 ml.


whitening-mouthwash.png Whitening
Fight back against stained and discoloured teeth with Oral-Care Whitening mouthwash. It helps to whiten teeth whilst strengthening them and killing germs. Available in 250 ml.


Drink more water drinking water helps to flush out your mouth and keep you hydrated, which means your body can efficiently produce saliva to keep your mouth moist and clean.


You exhale what you eat if you’ve ever eaten garlic, you know what we’re talking about! The foods you eat are absorbed by your blood and their residual odour is exhaled when you breath. Be wary of foods withparticularly potent flavours if you have an important meeting or date coming up!


Alcohol and coffee these beverages can be problematic when it comes to bad breath and mouth staining. After consuming a cup of coffee or glass of red wine, try rinsing with mouthwash or chewing sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva flow and flush out the mouth.


Stop sugary snacks consuming snacks and drinks that are high in sugar expose your teeth to sugar acid attacks that can weaken tooth enamel and increase the growth of odour causing bacteria.


Smoking stinks smoking and chewing tobacco are major causes of bad breath, gum disease and oral cancer. Quitting smoking and chewing tobacco will greatly improve your oral health and breath freshness.