SPAR uses orange to highlight the problem of GBV

At SPAR we have made our intentions clear on ending the Gender Based Violence that preys on the vulnerable in society. In order to draw attention to the GBV problem we (along with our advertising agency TBWA\Hunt Lascaris) developed an identity around the powerful colour orange.

The colour is attention-grabbing and helps amplify the message and reach the target audience often in a crowded space. The aim was to enable our GBV messaging to break through media clutter, as well as stand out amongst our own SPAR identity communications.

The colour orange has some therapeutic connotations as well, as orange is associated with positive qualities like being optimistic, rejuvenating  and uplifting. The colour is also linked to offering emotional strength, helping individuals bounce back and assisting in recovering from grief. The United Nations have used orange highly effectively in their campaign against GBV, making great in-roads across the globe but specifically Africa. It therefore makes sense for us at SPAR to align with this groundswell of action, by leveraging the arresting power of orange to highlight GBV and take a stand against it. Along with our partnership with LifeLine and numerous care centres, the colour orange sends a bold message about SPAR’s commitment to helping end GBV in our communities.