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Indoor Womens Hockey Team wins Croatia Cup

10 January 2018

The SPAR South African Women’s Indoor Hockey Team recently competed in the Croatian Cup, against Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. Following on from the successful SPAR test series against Zimbabwe, the Croatia Cup is seen as an apt opportunity to begin the journey to the next Indoor Hockey World Cup.

Over the course of the three day tournament, the teams tested each other’s skill, culminating in a final on 8th January which featured South Africa against Croatia.  SPAR South Africa took the game to their hosts from the opening whistle. Celia Evans took the lead for SA in the fourth minute and short corner queen, Kara Botes fired in a second just 60 seconds later. By half-time, the score was 4-0 through Kelly Reed and Heather McEwan.

The second half followed a similar pattern as SPAR South Africa maintained possession and created chances. The chances were converted fairly regularly as Kara Botes, Cindy Hack and Kelly Reed scored before Kara Botes fired in her hat-trick goal to make it 8-0. Fittingly SPAR South Africa’s captain scored the final goal for SA as they took a 9-0 lead with 7 minutes left. A consolation goal from the hosts put the final score at 9-1 for South Africa in a definitive victory.


Best Player – Cindy Hack (SPAR South Africa)
Top Goalscorer – Kara Botes (SPAR South Africa)
Best Goalkeeper – Iva Zlomisilic (Croatia)

SA Squad

Cindy Hack (Captain), Nicole la Fleur (GK), Cheree Greyvenstein (GK), Celia Evans, Jessica O’Connor, Kelly Reed, Kara-Lee Botes, Tegan Fourie, Jamie Southgate, Heather McEwan & Amore de Wet.

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