SPAR & SASSI Sustainable Seafood Initiative

24 July 2014

Sustainable seafood is more than just a good deal for our marine ecosystems, it makes business sense too. SASSI is committed to working hand-in-hand with the seafood industry towards a future in which sustainable fisheries and aquaculture thrive at a level that supports the communities and businesses that depend on them.

SASSI currently runs participation schemes for both restaurants as well as retailers/suppliers with a view to enabling these businesses to take advantage of the benefits offered by sustainable seafood. These schemes were developed to empower businesses in the seafood industry to implement best practice principles into their business operations and proactively respond to society´s demand for sustainable and responsibly-sourced seafood products.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, all SASSI participants commit to the conducting their businesses according to the principles of the SASSI Charter, these are:
  • Ensuring that all seafood on offer is legal and not on the SASSI Red list.
  • Phasing out unsustainable seafood products and replacing them with sustainable substitutes;
  • Promoting sustainable choices from responsible, well managed fisheries;
  • Continuously evaluating their seafood product range against strict legal, traceability, and sustainability criteria.
  • Providing their consumers with seafood that is adequately labelled and includes information on the species, origin, and production method (fishing gear used, or wild-caught/farmed), or any credible eco-labels that may apply;
  • Always endeavouring to offer seafood that is traceable to its origins, making use of suitable traceability schemes or mechanisms;
Our policy on Sustainable Seafood

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