Sesame Crusted Salmon Salad Recipe

A rainbow of colours from crunchy carrots, red cabbage, spring onion and the perfectly baked salmon makes this a dish as healthy as it is beautiful.



Prep Time

1 hour to marinade

Cooking Time

20 minutes



Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 Tbsp mild chilli sauce (SPAR sriracha is a good choice)
  • 2 Tbsp SPAR soy sauce
  • 1 Tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 Tbsp SPAR honey
  • 1 Tbsp SPAR lemon or lime juice
  • 1 SPAR Freshline garlic clove, crushed
  • 2 tsp SPAR Freshline ginger, finely grated
  • 4 salmon fillets
  • ¼ cup mixed sesame seeds


  • 3 Tbsp SPAR sunflower oil
  • ½ bag SPAR Freshline julienned carrots
  • 1 SPAR Freshline baby red cabbage, thinly sliced
  • 4 stalks SPAR Freshline spring onion, roughly chopped
  • 1 handful SPAR Freshline coriander, roughly chopped

Sauce for veg

  • 1 Tbsp SPAR soy sauce
  • 2 Tbsp SPAR lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • 2 Tbsp SPAR honey

Recipe Method

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the salmon together barring the salmon and sesame seeds.
  2. Lay the salmon down in the sauce, skin side up, and leave to marinate for about an hour.
  3. Put the sesame seeds on a saucer.
  4. Carefully coat the top of the salmon fillets in sesame seeds by just resting the top of the fillets in the seeds and pressing down.
  5. Line a baking tray with baking paper and place the salmon fillets onto the paper, skin side down.
  6. Bake in a preheated oven for about 10 minutes or until cooked to your liking.
  7. For the veggies, heat the oil in a wok or non-stick saucepan.
  8. Add the veggies and cook over a high heat for about 8 minutes.
  9. Add the sauce and the fresh coriander towards the end.

Hints & Tips