Beef Prego Steaks

For a juicy steak - make sure you use tongs and not a fork to turn the meat. Forks pierce the meat causing loss of moisture.


Preheat the top oven element until red hot. Place the meat on the rack of an oven roasting tray and grill 10 cm below the element. Keep the oven door slightly open to let steam escape. For meat 2 - 21⁄2 cm thick:
RARE: 4 - 5 minutes in total
MEDIUM: 5 - 7 minutes in total
WELL DONE: 7 - 10 minutes in total


Lightly oil a griddle pan or heavy-based frying pan and heat until smoking hot. Lower the heat then place the meat in the pan. Do not turn the meat until it is sealed and loosens on its own. Use the same times as for oven grilling.


Grill the meat 10 cm above hot to moderate coals, using the same times as grilling.