Strawberry Cooler Recipe

A delicious, fresh strawberry and granadilla drink, fizzed up with lemonade. Perfect for a warm summer day.


Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time


Serves 5

Recipe Ingredients

1 punnet Fresh Line fresh strawberries (250g), hulled
250 ml SPAR Apple Juice
1 can granadilla pulp (115g)
Crushed ice
500 ml lemonade

Recipe Method

1. Blend together strawberries and apple juice to a smooth consistency.
2. Add granadilla pulp and crushed ice. Top up with lemonade. Serve immediately for the best visual effect.

Hints & Tips

  • A perfect slimmers drink if one substitutes the lemonade for Sprite Zero, and a little diet granadilla cordial instead of the fruit pulp.
  • A few drops of Angosturo Bitters added makes this even more special.