Spice Rub for Steak Recipe

Why not make this delicious Spice Rub for steak as a Father’s Day gift? You can either bottle it and give it as a gift or use it yourself. Try it on scrumptious open steak sandwiches.


Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time


Makes 1 small bottle

Recipe Ingredients

  • 50 g SPAR Brown Sugar
  • 30 ml SPAR Garlic and Parsley Salt
  • 15 ml Paprika
  • 30 ml Hot English Mustard Powder
  • 3 ml SPAR Ground Black Pepper
  • 15 ml Dried Oregano
  • 15 ml Dried Thyme

Recipe Method

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl. .
  2. To use: coat meat in mixture and grill as desired.
  3. If you are not using the rub immediately, using a funnel pour into clean, dry airtight bottle and label.

Hints & Tips

Prepare these scrumptious sandwiches:  Rub some prepared steak rub on 600g Rump Steak. Grill or braai to your liking. Slice and serve on top of toasted Freshline Italian Rolls, that have been spread with mayonnaise and topped with SPAR Freshline tomato and avocado slices.