Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas Recipe

Purchase each family member their own SPAR Fresh line mini un-iced fruit cake, decorate and personalize each one, for them to enjoy at their leisure over the Festive Season.


Prep Time

1 hour to decorate several

Cooking Time


Recipe Ingredients

For Royal Icing

  • 1 SPAR egg, separated
  • 500 ml SPAR icing sugar, sieved

For decoration

  • Chocolate biscuits
  • Foil wrapped chocolate coins
  • Sugar bells (see method below)
  • Marzipan

Recipe Method

Royal Icing

  1.  Lightly beat the egg white until just beginning to form foamy bubbles.
  2. Slowly begin mixing in the icing sugar, a spoon at a time, to achieve a stiff, glossy meringue-looking mixture.
  3. Cover with a damp cloth if you are not using it immediately to prevent a crust from forming.
  4. Keep a little aside and stir in a little food colouring of choice, for piping names or greetings onto each cake if this is within your capability.

Sugar Bells

  1. Mix enough egg white into a few spoons of SPAR white sugar to achieve a fairly crumbly mixture.
  2. Fill Christmas tree bells with this mixture (with the inner gong removed first) and tap it out sharply onto a work top to un-mould the bell shape. Set aside to dry overnight.
  3. Scrap out a little sugar on the underside of each bell, using a knife-tip, and stick an edible silver or gold ball in each hollow, with a dot of icing.

Marzipan Stars

  1. Using the SPAR Good Living cookie cutters, cut out stars from rolled out marzipan.
  2. Attach edible silver or gold balls on each tip, with a dot of icing.

Hints & Tips