Recipe for Christmas Ice Cream Dessert

Prep Time:

25 minutes
All of the flavours of Christmas combined into an ice cream dessert that’s perfect for a hot South African Christmas day!


  • 8 SPAR Freshline Ginger Man Biscuits (1 x 200 g box)
  • 50 ml   melted cooking chocolate, OR icing made from 50 ml SPAR icing sugar mixed with a tiny amount of hot water
  • 2 litres SPAR Classic Vanilla flavoured ice cream (1 tub)
  • 6-pack SPAR Freshline fruit mince pies, cut into small pieces
  • 180 g slab chocolate of choice eg raisin and nut, whole nut, coarsely chopped
  • 2   peanut brittle slabs (100 g each), roughly crushed


  1. Spoon the icing into a small plastic sandwich bag and snip off a hole the size of pin head from a base corner, to create a piping bag with a substitute writing nozzle.
  2. Gently squeeze out while forming the letters making up an abbreviation of initials of the name of each guest onto their own ginger man biscuit across the collar area. Set aside to set.
  3. Line a 20cm diameter spring form cake tin with a circle traced and cut to fit the base, and a long deep strip of greaseproof paper against the sides.
  4. While doing this, allow the ice cream to soften slightly at room temperature, to allow you to gently blend in the mince pie pieces, chocolate and peanut brittle.
  5. Pile the ice cream mix into the lined cake tin and press it in well. Level off then re- freeze immediately until required.
  6. Just before serving, remove the cake tin sides and base and peel away the greaseproof paper from the sides and place onto a serving platter. Stand the biscuits alongside each other, with their hands just touching, all around the cake, relying on the ice cream to help secure them in position.

Hints and Tips

  • A 350 g slab of un-iced SPAR Christmas cake may be substituted for the fruit mince pies.
  • Recommended accompaniments: a pouch of ready-made berry sauce may be used to form a coulis swirl on each plate, before lifting the wedge portion of ice-cream cake onto it at serving time.

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