Chilli Chocolate & Orange Mug Cakes Recipe

When you don't have time or an oven and are in the mood for cake, try this delicious microwave chilli choc orange creation.



Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time

5 minutes



Recipe Ingredients

  • 150 g SPAR Self-raising Flour
  • 25 g Cocoa powder
  • 75 g SPAR Brown Sugar
  • ¼ Teaspoon ground chilli
  • 65 g Dark chocolate chips
  • 1 Teaspoon grated SPAR Freshline Orange rind
  • 250 ml SPAR Sunflower or Canola Oil
  • 180 ml SPAR Milk
  • 60 ml SPAR Orange Juice
  • SPAR Freshline Orange for slicing, to serve
  • SPAR Ice-cream, to serve
  • SPAR Chocolate Sauce, to serve

Recipe Method

  1. Combine the self-raising flour, cocoa powder, sugar, chilli and chocolate chips in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre. 
  2. Combine the orange rind, oil, milk and orange juice in a jug and whisk until well combined. 
  3. Pour the orange mixture into the centre of the flour mixture and whisk until well combined.
  4. Divide the mixture among 330 ml capacity microwave-safe mugs.
  5. Place the mugs on the outer edge of microwave plate and cook on high (100%) for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Cook on high (100%) for a further 30 seconds. Repeat until the mug cakes are puffed and tops are springy to touch (It should take around 2 minutes and 30 seconds in total.)
  6. Serve the mug cakes with the extra orange slices, ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Hints & Tips