Cheddar Cheese and Apple Fondue Recipe

A really easy and fun way to liven up some fresh fruit



Prep Time

5 minutes

Cooking Time

5-10 minutes



Recipe Ingredients

  • SPAR Freshline Apples 
  • Bread for dunking
  • 250 ml SPAR Cream
  • 150 g SPAR Cheddar Cheese, grated
  • 15 ml Cornflour
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Recipe Method

  1. Place the cream in a pan and leave to simmer very gently. Mix the grated cheese and cornflour. Add the cheese, slowly whisking with a balloon whisk until the cheese melts through the cream and is smooth and silky.
  2. Do not allow to boil. The cream must just be hot enough to melt the cheese. 
  3. Season to taste.
  4. Serve in a fondue pot, surrounded by slices of SPAR Freshline Apples and pieces of fried or fresh bread.

Hints & Tips

This really easy to prepare cheese sauce could also be served over a juicy steak or a grilled SPAR Freshline Brown Mushroom.