Creamy Beetroot Soup Recipe

Now here is something different and absolutely delicious, using fresh beetroot for more than just a salad vegetable.


Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time

35 minutes


Yield: 1 litre

Recipe Ingredients

Splash of SPAR olive oil
3 SPAR Freshline fresh beetroot
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 large Granny Smith apple, diced
450 ml chicken stock using 1 cube
1 tub SPAR Freshline Potato & Leek soup (500 g)
Optional: SPAR Freshline plain croutons

Recipe Method

  1. Trim, peel and finely grate the raw beetroot.
  2. In a pot, gently fry the apple, garlic and beetroot together in the heated olive oil, over low heat, stirring constantly.
  3. Pour on the hot chicken stock and bring to the boil. Simmer briskly with the pot lid on for 30 minutes.
  4. Process this mixture on high speed until smooth, and lastly pour in the potato and leek soup, mixing in thoroughly.
  5. Check for salt and pepper and adjust accordingly. Serve hot with SPAR Freshline plain croutons.

Hints & Tips

-The potato & leek soup may be substituted with butternut if preferred, but the soup will be somewhat sweeter.
-A food processor makes easy work of grating the beetroot in step 1 using the fine grater blade attachment, and then in step 4 the cutting blade.
-Peeling beetroot does temporarily stain ones hands, so a pair of surgical gloves worn while peeling and handling cooked beetroot is a good idea. Remember to wear an apron to prevent possible stains on clothing.
-If for another recipe you boil the beetroot whole and in their skins, trim off the stalks first but leaving at least 2cm to avoid the ''bleeding'' of the beetroot into the cooking water.
-The colour of this soup looks stunning against white crockery, and with an appropriate dinner party colour-scheme it is really special.

Recommended wine: dry white or dry sherry