SPAR supports Cancervive

04 February 2020

World Cancer Day 4 February

Cancervive is a survivor driver initiative and was established in response to the dire need of cancer education in South Africa. Cancervive seeks to create awareness and education of cancer in a truly original, impactful and life-changing way through exciting activations such as those held at the SPAR Women's Race annual events. 

Over the last year, SPAR has sponsored R1 070 000 towards the wonderful women and men of Cancervive who aim to make a difference in the lives of everyone they come into contact with 

One in eight women in South Africa is likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at some stage in her life.  This is a staggering statistic, but the good news is that breast cancer is no longer necessarily a death sentence.

Early detection and treatment have made it possible for the majority of breast cancer patients to survive.