SPAR Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

09 October 2014

SPAR is proud to be a headline sponsor of Cancer.vive

Cancer.vive focuses on raising awareness of and educating people about the importance of detecting early signs of cancer. Their network of cancer survivors tell their stories in various ways, encouraging people to look for signs of the disease, and spreading a message of hope. If detected early, cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

Many cancers remain undetected in communities because of fear, stigmas, cultural taboos and lack of knowledge. This makes it difficult for people to talk about, to check their bodies and to find the earliest signs of cancer.

Cancer.vive's work takes various forms.  They share the stories of survivors through their ambassadors and host events across the country to raise funds and share information about cancer and early detection. Their flagship annual event is the Cancer.vive bike ride

The key to surviving cancer is detecting the signs of the disease and accessing appropriate treatment as early as possible. The survivors are living proof of being able to celebrate life because they recognised the symptoms and received the appropriate treatment in good time. The education and awareness programmes are geared towards spreading this crucial message as widely as possible. Cancer.vive takes the message of early detection to communities, who hear survival stories from people who share the same cultural, economic and social backgrounds.

People can survive cancer.

In August, SPAR celebrated Women’s month by selling badges, and donated the proceeds to Cancer.vive.

Click here for health tips to increase your awareness of Breast Cancer.