Karaglen's community initiative nominated for SA campaign of the year

01 December 2014

“More than 1500 pupils from various  Edenvale schools let their voices be heard and lead a massive walk against crime to SUPERSPAR Karaglen for the official launch of the SUPERSPAR Karaglen Tiles 4 Change Campaign.”

The pupils from seven Edenvale schools have taken a stand and said no more to drugs and crime in Edenvale.
Tiles 4 Change aims to give the youth of Edenvale the support they need to be the change they want to see in the community.
In his address to the children, the owner of Karaglen SUPERSPAR, Mr Harry Karamichael said “Tiles 4 Change is about the community, its families and its children”.

“Most importantly, it is about all of you, the school pupils. This idea came about because you have decided to make a special promise that you support Tiles 4 Change and a drug-free Edenvale,” said Mr Karamichael.
“Not only did you make that promise, but you turned that promise into action and you marched up Baker Road with your banners and demanded a drug-free Edenvale,” he said.

“That promise was magical because it grabbed the attention of some extraordinary people and it generated so much energy that we decided to dedicate a wall to your cause and invited everyone to back your promise. Karaglen SUPERSPAR and the centre backs your promise and this morning Edenvale SAPS station commander Colonel Sam Maredi listened to your voices and he backs your promise,” said Mr Karamichael.

The Edenvale Community Police Forum (ECPF), security providers, SAPS, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD), businesses and residents also showed their support for the children and pledged to help them whenever it was needed.
On the day, school pupils had the opportunity to purchase the first of hundreds of tiles for the wall.

“The whole community is behind you. Look around you and watch our wall grow and know that the money we generate will be used to help our schools and the community fight drugs,” said Mr Karamichael.

Speaking on behalf of all Edenvale's schools, principal for Eastleigh Primary School Mrs Belinda Cooke-Tonnesen, said it is time for Edenvale to fight back and eradicate the scourge of drugs that continues to threaten the community.
“Drugs are a menace to society. They threaten our morals and values and undercut out institutions. Drugs are killing our children,” she said.

Col Maredi congratulated the pupils for taking a stand and being the first step to change in Edenvale.
“Without you, we cannot fight drugs, we cannot fight crime. I thank each and every one of you for what you have done today,” he said.

The children were also treated to a demonstration by the EMPD Dog Unit.
More than R250,000 has been raised and donated to local charities and the Edenvale Police  to date.