SPAR raises over R44,000 for Cupcakes of Hope

SPAR Central Office and Knowles SuperSPAR hosted an incredible fundraising event for Cupcakes of Hope, a non-profit company and community-driven project which aims at creating awareness of the early warning signs of childhood cancer AND raising funds for children with cancer. They do this through their love of baking cupcakes.

All the staff at SPAR Central Office were put into teams to participate in a “bake off” where they strategized and came up with unique themes for each team.  A lot of work went into baking and icing their cupcakes and decorating their display areas. 

The event was held on Friday 13th February, a particularly significant date with Valentine’s Day on the 14th and International Childhood Cancer Day on the 15th. Knowles SuperSPAR allocated their whole front centre court to this event and had their ladies at the tills dressed in their pink Cupcakes of Hope shirts.
The public were invited to participate by donating R10 for a cupcake.  
The event was a resounding success and there was great passion and comradery experienced amongst all the SPAR staff.  The community was also touched by the Party of Hope which SPAR Central Office and Knowles SuperSPAR put together.

The staff successfully managed to offer over 1500 cupcakes to the public – they went like hot cakes and were depleted within an hour. 
Thanks to all the staff from SPAR Central Office and Knowles SuperSPAR on a remarkable effort at raising over R44,000.00 for this worthy cause.

Do you know the early warning signs of childhood cancer?