SPAR Sponsors a smile

16 September 2014

13 September 2014 was dedicated to SPAR and Rooi Rose Cancer Day in Bloemfontein. With 300 ladies and one gentleman to entertain, SPAR , Rooi Rose and OFM did a remarkable effort and the morning turned out to be delightful.

The aim of the day was to create awareness of cancer and how it affects many of us directly and indirectly. A special guest was at the event, Vonic Johnson from Bloemfontein, a seven year old little girl who was diagnosed with cancer and as a result had lost one of her eyes at only a few months old. Within a few weeks the cancer spread to her other eye but gratefully, her eye is now cleared from cancer. She will be starting her next round of chemotherapy in the next week and will undergo tests to determine whether the cancer has spread any further.

During the function Yolanda asked Vonic what her wish was and she said all she wants is her own iPad. SPAR contributed the iPad to Vonic and made her wish come true. The ipad was personally delivered by members of our Regional Office to her home along with Yolanda from OFM, bringing a huge smile to little Vonic's face. This is what SPAR is about!

Little Vonic with her mom, Grant, CANSA, OFM and Candice