Nuwe Hoop SPAR

01 October 2012

SPAR plays an active role in every community, not only providing customers with fresh products, consumer goods and convenience, but friendly service that extends beyond the store doors.

Through CSI initiatives, SPAR gives back to its people, contributing to community upliftment in more ways than one. One such project comes in the form of Nuwe Hoop School. Delyroad SUPERSPAR in Pretoria is involved with this project.

Nuwe Hoop School is one of the largest learning centres in South Africa, which makes provision for the education, and treatment of learners with special educational needs. Students from the ages of 3 up to 21 are accepted in the school and the school accommodates learners of all races, classes, beliefs and cultures.

Delyroad SPAR provides students with job opportunities during and after school. In a society where people with disabilities are rejected or looked down upon, Delyroad SPAR creates a safe working space to help them belong.

The project continues to build people within the community, accepting children of all abilities from the school. Once a week, two children from the school work in the store from 8am-12pm. They help in the bakery, pack shelves, unpack boxes and assist customers. They are treated like any other worker and the staff help them in their work. Parents see a notable difference in their children’s well-being, and productivity and involvement in the store help them to open up and mature. It teaches the children life skills and the experience exists in the hope that once they leave school they are better equipped to find work. The children’s contribution has an impact on everyone and raises awareness of the capabilities of the abled and disabled, honouring the work that is done and the effect it has.