See the World with SPAR

06 November 2012

SPAR has a footprint in more than 35 countries worldwide and Carina van Wyk,the lucky winner of the SPAR ‘See the World’ competition, has been on the move for three months.
She is discovering where SPAR has its mark. If you have been following her journey on Facebook, you will have seen the beauty in discovering the authentic.
She has explored places such as England, Italy, Scotland, Denmark, Norway and more. In an excerpt from her blog, she shares some of her adventures in Rome:
“To really appreciate this city, its history and the extraordinary architecture, you have to spend at least three days here. Something like the Vatican City and the Colosseum, for example, should not be left for one day. I learnt that the hard way when I was actually too late to go into the Colosseum. That said, I decided to make the most of my mistake and wait around for an hour or two, until the time of day when the Colosseum is at its most spectacular as the colour of the ruins changes while the sun sets. Rome, to me, was like an overdressed lady, with one church, building or statue competing to be more spectacular than the next. And with about 700 churches in the city, it’s quite a sight.”
Carina has most recently been in Scotland, uncovering the beauties of this magical, historic and world-famous country. 
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