Save 75% on Crystal Glassware

10 September 2019

For every R100 you spend, you will receive a sticker to add to your collector card.  Once you have 15 stickers, you will be able to purchase a set of Schott Zwiesel crystal glassware comprising 2 glasses at the discounted price.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Third party payments (e.g. utility bills) do not qualify for stickers.
  2. Stickers can be collected between 10 September and 31 December 2019.
  3. Completed collector cards can be redeemed until 12 January 2020.
  4.  Stickers can only be issued at the point and time of purchase and cannot be claimed at a later date.
  5.  Collector cards which have been altered, amended, defaced, photocopied, damaged or do not bear appropriate stickers will be refused redemption.
  6.  All stickers over and above those required to claim the Schott Zwiesel product will be forfeited and are not transferable to another collector card.
  7.  Collector cards are valid for the redemption of one product only, after which the card must be handed in to the cashier and cannot be used for further redemptions.
  8.  Glasses are available in packs of two. The double wall jug may be purchased without stickers for R59.99.
  9.  Errors and omissions excluded (E & OE). Selected items may not be available at certain stores.  
  10. Schott Zwiesel products may also be purchased at the full recommended retail price.
  11.  Schott Zwiesel products purchased at full retail price will be credited at the actual cash amount paid. Returns will not be possible without the receipt for the cash amount paid.