Five years of support for Cancer.Vive

10 August 2018

Women’s month, a celebration of women who choose to make a difference. For the 5th Year in succession SPAR is using the proceeds from its Women’s Day badges to support Cancer.vive’s annual ride


What is Cancer.vive all about?

Cancer.vive is an ongoing awareness and education project founded by cancer survivors. These cancer survivors spread their message of hope and encouragment throughout South Africa. Cancer.viive works in cities and remote communities to offer education, information and support. After all, many cancers can be cured if they are discovered early enough. 
Since 2011 SPAR has supported Cancer.vive’s flagship event. A colourful cavalcade of motorcycles that travels the country spreading the message of hope, providing education and connecting those battling cancer to Cancer Buddies. An organisation that helps cancer patients and their families navigate life after diagnosis.
Cancer.vive rides have covered more than 16 000kms across 9 provinces to engage and educate more than 190 000 people in 7 languages. SPAR is honoured to be a part of this ride as it makes a very really difference in people lives, spreading the message of hope through dance, poetry and laughter.
SPAR is a committed supporter of  Cancer.vive work and all the women of South Africa who make a difference every day.

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