Decadent vs. Simple – planning the perfect kids’ party

30 September 2012

By Rachel de Smidt

As one does, in preparation for my daughter’s first party, I started trawling the Internet for inspiration and was unprepared for the deluge of expectations and dauntingly impressive examples that flooded my senses. The bounding lists and over-the-top pictures made me feel like a failure of a mother or that bride who never had their fairy tale wedding.

Though a trifle cynical I had to chuckle at one mother’s view: ‘I also think that kids’ birthday parties have lost touch with reality – moms go all out to prove they can throw the best party, either to indicate how much they love their child or to show up moms who cannot order a Happy Meal without forgetting the toy. The end result is that you also need to up your game or your party just looks like 2 cupcakes and a cheap candle!!’

That being said I’ve had to keep my wits about me and remember that it’s my daughter’s party, not mine and that it is meant to be a celebration of her.

‘Everything does not need to be perfect, the most enjoyable parties are the ones hosted by someone who is cheerful, not stressed out! So relax, enjoy the time together with your children and have fun.’

So, this average mom has compiled a list that I hope proves helpful in cheerfully planning your ‘perfect’ party. Try to include your children where you can as they love just working with you, their mom and can then proudly showcase your combined labours to your peers and their simple, and sometimes outrageous, contributions remind you what the party is really about, celebrating life and friendship!

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