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Sport creates community

Apart from keeping your body healthy and revitalising your mind, sport has an amazing ability to build character, improve confidence and most importantly - bring people together.

At SPAR we have committed to taking an active role in the future of sport in South Africa. Over the past 20 years we have supported women's sport in particular, recognising a real need to assist in an area that has been traditionally overlooked by sponsors. Our sponsorship of both national teams and local events comes from a personal interest in creating inclusive sporting opportunities for all.

Women's Race

One of SPAR’s proudest sports associations is the well-known SPAR Women’s Race. This annual event began in 1992 and was initially held in Durban and Johannesburg with Cape Town, PE and Pretoria following suit in 1993. The races are anticipated with much excitement and offer a challenge to accommodate every runner’s level of fitness.

SPAR Grand Prix Challenge

The SPAR Grand Prix Challenge is the competitive side of the SPAR Women’s Race.  It allows the country’s top female runners to race for substantial cash prizes by accumulating points at every race they participate in.  At the end of the year, the points are totalled and the runners with the most points in their race category are presented with cash prizes.  Olympians, Rene Kalmer, Irvette van Blerk and Tanith Maxwell are regular competitors in the SPAR Grand Prix Challenge.

AmaZulu Soccer

Another of SPAR’s sporting collaborations takes place with the sponsorship of the popular KwaZulu-Natal soccer club AmaZulu, which is one of the oldest football clubs in South Africa.


SPAR also avidly follows and sponsors Women’s Netball in Southern Africa. The SPAR South African Netball Team, The SPAR National Netball Championships and The Botswana Women’s Netball League are amongst its sponsorships.