SPAR's My Home Gym

Welcome to SPAR’s My Home Gym, an 8 week exercise programme designed to be done in the comfort of your home.

The programme has been put together by a registered biokinetist and is based on 3 sessions per week for 8 weeks with cardio days in between. Videos will outline the programme and demonstrate each exercise plus there are printable guides below to assist with stretching, warming-up, cardio and readiness.

Click on the intro video to hear more and then follow the daily exercise videos.


Downloadable Guides

Exercise Readiness Questionnaire

A quick personal questionnaire to confirm that you are ready to start the programme


Introduction to the Programme

An overview to explain how to follow the programme



Your how-to guide on the best way to warm-up before exercising


Exercise Reference Sheet

Your easy to follow reference guide to remind you what each exercise is


Cardio Plan

Your cardio guide for the days in between the exercise programme



Your how-to guide on the best way to stretch before exercising




Week 1


Day 1


Day 3


Day 5


Week 2


Day 7


Day 9


Day 11


Week 3


Day 13


Day 15


Day 17


Week 4


Day 19


Day 21


Day 23


Week 5


Day 25


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Day 29


Week 6


Day 31


Day 33


Day 35


Week 7


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Day 41


Week 8


Day 43


Day 45


Day 47

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