IsiGudu Lower Primary off to a brighter start

01 October 2021

We know that kids who love going to school will do better at school. So in partnership with World Legacy, and at the request of IsiGudu Lower Primary school, SPAR helped to renovate 5 classrooms that had fallen into disrepair.  

We donated building materials so an entire generation of young learners could get their school careers off to a safe, bright and welcoming start.

From floors, walls, ceilings and electrics, everything was revamped in record time, and to make sure that these keen minds could make the most of their new environment we also provided the school with food hampers.

A classroom before renovations

isigudu-no-kids.jpgLooking so much better with repaired floors, lighting and a coat of fresh paint.


It’s SPAR’s way of inspiring the next generation of South Africans to do and be more.