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  • SPAR pro balance

  • Scientifically formulated cat & dog food

    Formulated by specialist animal nutritionists, SPAR pro-balance cat and dog food contains the vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and balanced nutrients that pets need to stay in peak condition.


    SPAR pro-balance Cat Food

    This range offers a balanced nutritional profile, with 28% quality protein, 11.5% fat, combined with a blend of antioxidants to support a strong immune system and taurine for healthy hearts and eyes.


    Vet recommended feeding guidelines on pack add value for customers and help owners keep their pets at the best possible weight and condition.

    • Available in 3 lip-smacking flavours - Gourmet Chicken, Grilled Salmon and Seafood Buffet
    • Available in 2 pack formats – 2kg and the handy Elopack carton

    SPAR pro-balance Dog Food

    SPAR pro-balance for adult dogs contains balanced nutrients for healthy digestion. Every variant in the range contains 20% top quality protein, 8% fat, 4% fibre, with added Vitamin E and antioxidants for immune support.


    We also have SPAR pro-balance puppy because we know your puppy’s development is important to you. The SPAR pro-balance puppy variant is a necessary part of its life, introducing your pet at an early life stage to the quality guaranteed food.

    It is specifically formulated to ensure healthy development. The calcium to phosphorus ratio is especially suited to puppies, supporting the growth of strong, healthy bones and teeth.

    • Adult range is available in 3 flavours – Grilled Chicken, Roast Lamb and Prime Rib
    • Puppy variant is available in chicken and rice flavour
    • Adult range available in 2 pack formats – 1.75kg and 8kg
    • Puppy variant available in 1.75kg only

    Get your bag of pro-balance from your nearest SPAR* today.


    *Available in selected SPAR stores country wide.