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    • pro-balance cat food grilled chicken
      Pet Food Cat
      SPAR Brand
      Scientifically formulated to provide your cats ...
    • pro-balance dog biscuits prime rib flavour
      Pet Food Dog
      SPAR Brand
      Scientifically formulated treats to provide you...
    • cold meat smoked ham
      Processed Meats
      SPAR Brand
      Perfectly cut and cured cold meat sliced or shaved
    • wash it hand wash powder 30g x 30 units
      Home Care Wash It
      SPAR Brand
      High foam hand wash powder - single use sachet
  • Our Brands

    To ensure the unwavering satisfaction of our valued customers we produce and source a number of our own branded products across various ranges. All our SPAR branded products meet exceptional standards of quality to make sure you always receive the best.