The benefits of Omega 3

By now, the health world is well aware that for a diet to be completely balanced, healthy fats need to be included. There is plenty of information available on where these fats can be found and exactly which foods to eat to get the recommended amount for your day. Foods such as salmon, nuts and avocado are generally regarded as good for you, in moderation.

The benefits of these fats to your diet are greatly beneficial to the body and do so much more than just balance out your diet. To get the perfect amount of fat into your diet can be slightly tricky, though, as how much of it should you have each day? Fortunately, the perfect daily amount of essential fatty acids can be found in a capsule or two of Omega 3.

Men, in particular, benefit from taking a daily supplement of Omega 3, as it works wonders for the lifestyle and daily needs of a man on the go.

Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids have been linked to the support of weight loss and management, as it eliminates the body’s craving for all the bad fats that you may sometimes crave. It has also been proven to be wonderful for the heart, as it not only decreases high blood pressure, but may also improve cardio-respiratory function. These “wonder” fats protect men and women alike from the risk of cancer as it has the capability to kill some cancer cells, and stop the alteration of normal cells to cancerous ones.

For the active man, Omega 3 has been shown to alleviate sore, painful joints and reduce inflammation too. This means that if you are training, you are able to train harder and recover faster.

And for those need to be at their mental best all day, these fatty acids enhance decision-making skills, as well as improve reaction time. A recent study also proved that Omega 3 reduces the symptoms of depression, bipolar and Schizophrenia.

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