Maintaining a healthy, happy weight

With winter just about saying goodbye, we start thinking about showing off a bit of skin again but sometimes, that thought is not such a pleasant one!

For a lot of us, one of the perks of winter is that we allow ourselves to enjoy many delicious things such as comfort food, creamy soups or those extra biscuits to dunk into our tea on cold nights.

Maintaining your weight throughout the year is something that many people have a difficult time doing. Studies have shown that it is extremely common for people who lose weight to pick it right back up again. So what’s the answer to keeping the kilos off and the waist trim?

A balanced lifestyle, which involves just a few changes to your daily routine, will soon have you looking and feeling like a healthier, stronger person!


A daily lunch time walk around your work vicinity can really help regulate your weight. Other things such as choosing to take the stairs a few times a week, or even just 20 minutes of cardio at the gym can also help. One of the best exercises also happens to be something that many people thoroughly enjoy: swimming! Swimming is a full-body exercise with no visible sweating!


It’s so difficult to say no to all the delicious things out there. One way to avoid it is to be prepared. Going out for coffee with friends? Take just enough cash with you for the actual coffee, and none extra for a slice of cake. Going for a family birthday lunch? Make sure to have a healthy snack before you go, or to take it with you so that when it’s time for dessert, you either have no space left to eat anything, or you can eat your snack there instead!

Diets don’t have to be bland at all. No longer is a salad just a few green leaves and a steamed piece of flavourless chicken. Add raisins, almonds or blueberries for some extra flavour. And make sure to grill your chicken with some wonderful spices beforehand to add a delicious edge to your salad. Remember too that snacks such as potato chips can be substituted with popcorn or rice cakes.

To make things even simpler for you, you could take a meal supplement. Meal supplements help as they are full of everything your body needs, while being low on calories and fats. These can be taken after a workout or in place of a meal, and are often available in delicious flavours! Don’t forget, though, that nothing beats a good, balanced meal. That means you shouldn’t replace your meals with a supplement more than once a day. 

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