Ways with Icing Sugar

Unless you are a professional baker, icing sugar isn’t something you use all the time. Here are some expert tips for using it like a pro.
  • When colouring a bowl of icing, add in minute amounts of colouring to start with, using a toothpick dipped into the bottle of colour. Continue like this until the desired colour is reached. Don’t pour straight from the colouring bottle, as there is no easy way to reverse a big colour mistake!
  • Spread icing using a palette knife dipped and shaken dry from a cup of very hot water. Spreading is a dream!
  • Make your own sherbet substitute by mixing 10 g bicarbonate of soda with 10 g cream of tartar and 200g icing sugar. Sieve well several times. Kids will love it.
  • Add a spoon of condensed milk when making icing.  Icing will be firm but soft, and will not crack.
  • Sieve icing sugar over a worktop before rolling out fondant icing to cover formal cakes such as Christmas fruit cakes. 

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