Uses for Bread

  • Stale bread crusts should be stored in a plastic bag in the freezer until you have accumulated enough to justify a food processor session.  Whizz them on high speed to yield a bag of breadcrumbs. Store in the freezer again, and use to sprinkle over cheese-topped savoury dishes before grilling eg vegetable au gratin, macaroni cheese. The bread protects the cheese from over-heating and becoming stringy and creates a crispy crust at the same time.
  • To remove grease from the surface of a fatty stew eg mutton, fork a thick cube of bread and drag it across the stew surface, enabling it to easily soak up the unwanted fat.
  • Sandwiches can be made in large quantities, wrapped or packed in airtight plastic-ware in appropriate portions, and frozen for up to a week ahead of requiring them. The only fillings that are unsuccessful for this are watery vegetables such as tomato, cucumber and lettuce.  Simply remove from the freezer as you dash out to school and work, and by mid-morning they are thawed and as fresh as the day you made them.
  • A round loaf of unsliced bread makes a fabulous economical casing which you can split and fill with delicious ingredients, wrap in foil and bake to warm through.

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