Holiday Food and Fun

Holiday-time need not be the cause of poor eating choices. By keeping your energy levels constant, and at the same time giving your body the correct fuel it needs, your enjoyment of holiday activities is likely to be at its best. 

For the youngsters

Set up a Fish and Chip Shoppe in your kitchen: Pin up a homemade menu/price board, use board-game money or spare change , have greaseproof paper squares cut out and placed ready on sheets of newspaper for folding up the portioned fish and chips as ordered at your kitchen counter by friends and family.
Bake SPAR oven chips and shallow-fry or oven-bake SPAR Tempura battered hake portions.  Keep them covered and hot.
Serve freshly cooked, with squeeze bottles, one filled with SPAR vinegar and the other with SPAR tomato sauce, as optional accompaniments for “customers” to enjoy if they wish to. 

For Pre-teens

Charity Bake Off

Arrange a Charity Bake-Off with a group of friends, where they all contribute to a morning of baking together, preparing a few healthier tea-eat options, to deliver to a local orphanage or home for the aged.  A wonderful community initiative.
Try our Butternut cake recipe for an easy and delicious tea time treat. 

Hollywood Morning

Hire several  DVD’s and enjoy a Hollywood Morning, especially if the weather is dull or rainy, so indoor activities are called for!
Roll out the red carpet with two rolls of red school book wrapping paper held down with sticky putty. Then, prepare a few batches of SPAR microwave popcorn, chill bottled SPAR sparkling apple juices, and take your seats! 

Wimbledon Tournament

Book the use of a local tennis court for several hours and after arranging games between teams, make your Wimbledon Final outing complete:
Sealed containers with rinsed SPAR Freshline fresh strawberries, vanilla yoghurt to spoon into bowls, (instead of cream), and SPAR sparkling apple juice served in plastic champagne glasses.      

For Teenagers

You can’t miss with a “braai’” and an ideal opportunity to choose a  leaner, healthier approach to this potentially nutritionally unbalanced meal.  Try this colourful, veggie-filled whole-wheat pasta salad, boiled baby potatoes, and lean protein options for your braai’. Dessert could even be cooked on the braai’ with fruit kebabs or parcels served with low-fat custard. 

All Ages

Get some funky music with beat on your music system, lay out beach towels on the lawn, and enjoy a Keep-Fit-With-Friends, with a yoga or aerobics session. Cool off afterwards in the pool or under a garden sprinkler.   Serve a tray of sandwiches prepared with health bread filled with delicious fillings such as:
  • Grated Granny Smith apple, handful of sunflower seeds or fresh sprouts, SPAR tuna in brine, drained, and bound with reduced-fat mayonnaise.
  • Slivers of roast chicken from the Deli counter, SPAR sweet chilli sauce and SPAR Freshline Sweet & Tender baby salad leaves to top with.
  • SPAR chunky, plain cottage cheese, topped with a slice of roast beef from the Deli counter, and fresh pineapple.
Pour out delicious smoothies using seasonal fruits and SPAR fruit yoghurt whipped together in equal quantities.
A delicious combo is to whizz together 500ml milk, 1 litre SPAR Fruits of the Forest fruit juice, 5 scoops SPAR vanilla ice cream and 4 small bananas. Add a few drops of almond essence, and you have enough to fill 8 tumblers! 

Pies Galore

Pies need not be a poor nutritional choice; it is possible to still be filling and substantial, using a lighter pastry and healthier fat option.
Enjoy making a few batches of these modified salmon pies, to surprise, enjoy and share with friends this holiday.

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